Weaving a Woman’s Life: Spiritual Lessons from the Loom

In Weaving a Woman’s Life: Spiritual Lessons from the Loom, an award-winning, inspirational book for women, Paula Chaffee Scardamalia shows how the ancient wisdom of the loom illuminates our lives as daughters, wives, mothers, and artists. Before knitting, before crocheting, and long before the art of sewing, there was weaving – the ultimate archetypal action […]

Tarot for the Fiction Writer

This book is for the writer daring to brave the unchartered waters of writing a novel. Whether those waters are the writing life and business or the current novel in progress, the tarot is compass and map. Because story is inherent in its structure, the tarot is an effective storytelling tool. Myths, symbols, characters, settings […]

In the Land of the Vultures

Samara, priestess to the Goddess of Death, has given up dreams of love and children—until she is rescued from the desert by a man who compels her to lie about what she is. Darouk lost mother and father to death too soon, then his infant nephew. He’ll not risk losing a wife and children as […]