In the Land of the Vultures

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In the Land of the Vultures

Samara, priestess to the Goddess of Death, has given up dreams of love and children—until she is rescued from the desert by a man who compels her to lie about what she is.

Darouk lost mother and father to death too soon, then his infant nephew. He’ll not risk losing a wife and children as well. He’d rather give his care and attention to things that last, building roads and dwellings for the realm of Nehmir.

But to save Nehmir’s king and queen and their chance at happiness, Samara and Darouk must honor death, then choose love.


Firmly but gently, he pressed Samara back while his night-dark eyes bored into hers, eyes that searched and demanded and made her heart flutter like a tiny nestling’s. Bristles shadowed a carved jawline and framed a wide mouth. Had he brought her here from the desert? He looked as though he could easily carry her. His shoulders were broad, his arms muscular. Strength was in his touch.

“Be still. You are too weak to move or go anywhere.”

She relented and relaxed back into the bed.

“Do you have a family? What is your name?”

She stopped breathing. They did not know.

“Darouk, hush! Let her be. I didn’t tell you to interrogate her.” The woman threw an arm in front of the man, pushing him back. “She’s still weak and dehydrated. Give her time.”

The woman touched her hand again to Samara’s forehead. She noted the gift of the woman’s gentle touch against her heated skin as she dragged her gaze from the man’s. She turned her eyes again to her surroundings. Pictures woven in fine threads showed birds and flowers in bright colors and hung on whitewashed walls. Sunlight, softened by sheer fabric at the windows, glazed a polished stone floor. The room and the bed linens smelled of something flowery. If not the Land of Rivers, it was as wonderful…


Loved this book! Scardamalia has a gift for putting the reader into the minds and hearts of her protagonists.
~ Win D.

I highly recommend this book; more than a delightful read, it’s a reprieve.
~ Melynda T.