Weaving a Woman's Life

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Weaving a Woman’s Life: Spiritual Lessons from the Loom

In Weaving a Woman’s Life: Spiritual Lessons from the Loom, an award-winning, inspirational book for women, Paula Chaffee Scardamalia shows how the ancient wisdom of the loom illuminates our lives as daughters, wives, mothers, and artists.

Before knitting, before crocheting, and long before the art of sewing, there was weaving – the ultimate archetypal action of intertwining thread to form a grander, more cohesive whole.

Over the course of two decades of weaving at her loom and creating colorful handwovens that sell at exclusive galleries around the country, Paula learned the deeper meaning of weaving, and how what is traditionally known as women’s work is a direct reflection and a powerful metaphor of how women bring together the many threads of their hearts, souls, and passions to weave a rich tapestry of life.

Weaving a Woman’s Life is meditation, methodology, and mentoring for any woman who wants to design or repair the fabric of her life with insight, humor, common sense, and compassion.

Chapters include: Quality Tools—Physical and Spiritual; Time and Space—Making Room for Who We Are; Forgiveness—Mending Broken Threads; and Endings as Beginnings—Transforming Loss into Life; and others.


Whether we realize it consciously or unconsciously, because of its antiquity, weaving not only permeates our lives, it also permeates our language. How many times have you used the phrase “woven together”, or “weaves through” to imply an integration of elements? How about that familiar warning – “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” Even the word we use for our internet community, the “Web” refers both to the web of fabric and to the web spun by a spider, an arachnid which gets its name from a mythical mortal, Arachne, who dared to challenge the goddess of weaving, Athena, to a contest. Challenging a goddess is never a good idea and Arachne was turned into a spider for her pride.

Weaving is primal, basic, calling to us from the beginnings of civilization.

Weaving is also magical. In its basic structure of vertical threads crossing over and under horizontal threads, creating thousands of tiny crosses in any fabric, weaving incorporates the numinous energy of both the masculine and feminine, the physical and spiritual, the primal and divine creative forces…


… she(author) guides us to reflect on forgiveness, mistakes, space, ritual and time. It’s a wonderful, thoughtful book written from the heart in lovely, eloquent prose…This is a book of power and illumination.
Gail W.

Paula lends her considerable experience and deep expertise in helping women see how our daily actions and beliefs “weave” our life and give it meaning. Reading the author’s own experiences as a weaver and seeing how she extrapolates her work into a larger world is both meaningful and fascinating.
Sue P., Marketing and business coach