Book signingI am a writer of passionate experiences.

I believe passion is contained in all creative ventures and adventures. That includes my latest paranormal romance, In The Land of The Vultures:

“Who was she to try saving this child? She wasn’t a healer or the child’s mother. Trying to give the child some of the precious water was a waste, but she couldn’t help herself and she dribbled a few more drops onto the girl’s lips where they sat for a breath and then followed the path of the others.

Samara sat back against the tree. She wasn’t a healer. She was priestess to Atiya, Goddess of Death. Her job wasn’t to save the child, it was to bury her bones. ”

– from In The Land of The Vultures

Whether my books are romance or fantasy or nonfiction, they are grounded in the mythical and mystical. I love creating moments of magic and transformation for my readers, and helping other writers connect to and experience the power of their words to change worlds…