As a child, did you ever try to sneak-read with a flashlight under the covers when you were supposed to be in bed asleep?

It was a challenge to hold the flashlight in one hand, the book in the other, AND turn the pages. Plus, it got stuffy and hot after a while. I shared a bedroom with my two sisters until I was in my teens so, of course, I had to hide.

As an adult, I like to read before going to bed. Fortunately, my husband does too so it’s not a problem when I am at home, but when I travel to writers conferences or other events where I might be sharing a room with someone who is not my hubby, it could be.

But there is a lovely solution to this now. No need for heavy flashlights, or turning on those hotel reading lights attached to the headboard that still too bright. Now there are book lights.

One of the best sources for these that you might have seen in local bookstores but can also access on line are the booklights from Mighty Bright (

Mighty Bright offers you lights that travel well, that work for paperbacks or for e-readers, that clip, that stand alone, that fit in your pocket or hang from your neck.

I was particularly taken by their DoubleFlex LED book light that has two heads on it so that you can easily direct light to both pages of your book. No more adjusting the light from the left page to the right page.

The prices range from $17 for the DoubleFlex to $10 for a simple clip on and up to $50 for more specialized lights. There are lights for airplane reading, lights with a wide bulb, rechargeable lights, lights for music stands and more.

They also come in lots of colors, which is great for those who are fashion savvy.

Yes, I know many e-readers come with their own light source but if, like me, you enjoy a good paperback now and then, or you like to do crosswords instead of read before bed, or you have other reading to do that isn’t on your tablet or e-reader, then these lights are great to have on hand.

Book lights. Don’t leave home without them.