We all want to be a star, a celebrity in our own lives, whether at our work, in our family, or in the community. We want to be recognized for who we are and what we do. Or, we want the trappings that come with celebrity, such as wealth, travel and the opportunity to meet and hang with other people of status and achievement.

Celebrities act as cultural icons. Probably because of this, celebrities show up frequently in our dreams, and, as I discovered when I worked as dream consultant for PEOPLE Country monthly magazine for several years, even celebrities dream of celebrities. And these dreams act as inspiration for writers, actors, singers and more.

But why do we dream of celebrities like Elvis Presley, Queen Elizabeth,  and even fictional celebrities like Sherlock Holmes? There are several reasons, but one of the most common reasons is that they embody traits, abilities, or gifts that we’d like to claim for ourselves.

For instance, if you dreamed of Elvis Presley, what might you want to embody for yourself? Fame? A unique and distinctive singing voice? Or the ability to command attention?

In these dreams, it’s not unusual to find that you are kissing that celebrity, getting married to them, or being mentored by them. It’s the dream’s way of showing how the dreamer might want to integrate aspects of that celebrity, fictional or otherwise.

A fictional character could be someone you read about in a book, seen on a television show, or in a movie. The character becomes iconic for you, like Wonder Woman. If you dream about her, you could get a sense of what the dream is trying to tell you just from her name. Are you trying to be a super hero? Are you often trying to save the day at work or at home? Are you challenged to lasso problems and get them under control?

What celebrities are showing up in your dreams? What about them do you want to claim for yourself?